Replacement Protektor Earring Back for Protektor Post

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Your purchasing a single replacement Protektor® earring back. available in polished 14K, 18K white or yellow gold as well as platinum. Back fits all standard Protektor® earring posts. Does not work with regular earring posts. Special Features of Locking Earring Backs! Taking a closer look at Locking Back Earrings, you’ll see that the Earring backs themselves are thin little domed-shaped discs with a hole in it. On the Disc you’ll see two Ribbed Nubs that stick up. One on either side of the Earring Back. When they’re pushed in you’ll see the hole in the center of the back open up. Pushing those at the same time Unlocks the Earring Back from the notched Earring Post. Those notches prevent these Backs from sliding off the end. They hold it in place and unless you push both Nubs at the same time, your Earrings won’t come off.That’s Security!

Item Details

Jewelry Type:  Earring Back

Post Size:      .034 in (0.863mm)
Width:           6.2mm
Metal:           14k/18k/Platinum
Metal Purity:   585/750/950
Weight:        .18g/.22g/.34g
Condition:      Brand New
Retail Value:  $99.99-$139.99

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Karen Schaffer Sep 12th 2017

Replacement Protektor earring back

Great price. Exactly the same as the one I lost.

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