Exclusive Specialty Diamonds with Greater Light Performance


Discover the brilliance of our exclusive Riente Diamonds®, featuring a 74-facet cut scientifically designed to maximize light performance.

Brilliance and fire create a diamond’s magic. Our new Riente Diamonds® round brilliant diamond has more facets for more brilliance. While a standard round brilliant diamond has 58 facets, this diamond's unique design has 74 light-dispersing facets your customer can see. This creates infinitely more brilliance and scintillation.

Each of the Riente Diamonds® come with an OGI Firetrace® card to demonstrate its excellent light performance. Like the Crisscut diamonds, Stuller is the sole distributor of these patented diamonds in the U.S. And like all our Red Box Diamonds®, each of the Riente Diamonds® is laser inscribed with a unique number that matches its accompanying EGL report.